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Never get lost in your knitting

Handmade knitting markers - Conference, courses and workshops

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Handmade knitting markers and accessories...

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Who am I ?

Hello, I'm Cindy (aka Cido).

When I was a child,  my Aunt Evelyne taught me the basics of knitting and when I was a teenager those of crochet.

But my knitting/crochet story is not that simple... If you want to know more, I invite you to read the dedicated post on the blog which is coming soon.

What does Perlinotte mean?

The name Perlinotte comes from the contraction of the words "pearl" in french, and "linotte" (in french).

Why this bird there you ask? Very simply because I'm a real scatterbrain (I always forget something, whether it's important or not)...

As for the pearls, it is both literally and figuratively!

Please subscribe to my instagram account to see what I'm up to :)



Well received !

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