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  • Fibula

    The fibula is a pin used by the Etruscans (end of the Bronze Age) to attach the sides of their clothes. It is an ancestor of the safety pin.

    In addition to being much prettier than the safety pin, it is very practical for attaching our favorite shawls, stoles or vests!

    The brooches that I propose are still being prototyped! There is therefore no stock available at the moment. Do not hesitate to click on the button "notify me when this product is available" in the meantime, this will allow me to anticipate the number to be produced.

    • Composition

      Each fibula is made from copper wire (fine stone is optional).

    • Handmade

      Each fibula is unique (crafted by hand). They may therefore vary in size and/or shape.

    • Order processing

      Orders are processed and delivered between 24 and 48 hours after receipt, from Tuesday to Saturday.

      Orders placed on Saturday will be processed the following Tuesday.

    PriceFrom €18.00

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